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Some notes:

Every fanfic has been updated with a proper header containing info about the genre, (main) pairings, warnings, author's notes and a summary. Fics can range from sappy, fluffy and waffy (G) to dark, violent and adult situations (NC-17), and even the occasional deathfic. I trust your own jugdment to decide whether a fic is appropriate for you or not. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of my fanfics.

An '&' between character names denotes general, friendship or unrequited feelings for each other.

An 'x' between character names denotes an established relationship (romantic, sexual) with each other.

I'm a fairly frequent user of the 'f-bomb'. Proper warnings are in place whenever foul language is used.

I assume that readers here have seen the entire series for the respective fandoms, so spoilers, especially for the ending, are running about.

Because of the new layout, I needed to recode the fics. Some punctuation errors due to copying and pasting from Word to Notepad and vice versa might still exist. Feel free to drop me an e-mail pointing the errors out; the same goes for broken links in general.

Extra note on "Duo Maxwell and the Never-Ending Circle": This particular fic was my entry for the 2006 GWyaoi.org Novella Challenge. I'm embarrassed to admit it but I rushed the fic, especially at the end. Since then, I've been thoroughly editing the fic and posting chapters as I go. It might be that its original, rushed version is still floating around on old messageboards or websites. I don't particularly mind, but I'd rather have people read the improved version, of course ^___^.